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Conveyor Belt

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Specification: 3000— 210— 850 (mm)
Spraying the code conveyor machine use to deliver glass bottle, plastic bottle, metal, plastic bag, carton, paper box, labeling etc. It is easy to spurt the code machine or in spurts India spray across the date of production batch number anti-counterfeiting mark time patterns, etc. Mainly used in food and beverage pharmaceutical electronic tobacco chemical auto parts, etc
Technology parameters:
Equipment name: Work table of inverter conveyor belt machine
Speed of the conveyor: 0-28 m/min
Voltage: 220 v
Motor: Decelerate motor
Power: 370 w
Adjustment form: Inverter adjust
Location form: Single dam-board
Width of belt: 210 mm
Size of rack: 3000— 210— 850 (mm) (L— W— H)&


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