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difference between shrink sleeving machine and labeling machine

As one of the equipment with higher technical content in the rear end package, our country began to have technical cooperation and exchange with the set machine manufacturers in many countries and regions in Britain, Holland, Japan and Taiwan from the mid 90s, and cooperated with the Japanese PP company in 2000. Its excellent high speed stability, unique dexterity design, man-machine concordance safety model, have been fully affirmed by the customers, its price performance is still not excellent in the same type of the same type in the mainland market. Applications: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, condiments, fruit juice, injection needles, milk, refined oil and so on.
At present, Guangzhou Ben Packaging mechanical labeling machine is divided into: low-speed and high-speed labeling machine, can meet the needs of different customers, can be equipped with a double rack double head.
First, the application of the marking machine
Nowadays, many drinks and mineral water are mostly equipped with standard equipment.
Two, the method of setting the standard and the labeling is different
Labeling method for labeling machine is the automatic bottle feeding process by using bottle maker. Continuously tear off the roll label paper and stick it on the bottle according to the required position. This labeling method is beautiful, firm, and can not fall off on its own. It has high production efficiency.
In the process of transporting the bottle, the label is put on the bottle, and then the label is tightened by heat shrinkage or pressure shrinkage, so the labeling process is completed. The precision of the set position is high and the perfect bottle type can be more prominent after the contraction.
Give an example:
The difference between the beer bottle label machine and the non dry glue set machine is mainly the different labels, then there is a specific difference between the two.
The adhesive label machine is self-adhesive. The label is made with glue and stickers are attached to the stickers.
For example, modern daily necessities, shampoos, laundry fluids and shower gel are mostly sticker labelling machines.
The label used for the marking machine is a shortened membrane, which is made by coating the bottle on the membrane and then shortening it by shortening the furnace.
For example, many beverages and mineral water are mostly equipped with standard equipment.
Then the specific use of labeling or set of labeling needs to be based on the material and market positioning needs of the product and the production process to determine.
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